Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Inspiration for game designs comes to me in all times and places. In fact, I think a designer could make a game from just about anything. Although most of my game ideas are still in the boardgame realm, I occasionally think out of the box about other types of games. Call them "indie" or "alternative." Whatever they are, I think it's a healthy exercise, whether they get developed further or not. After all, it's this kind of thinking that brought us Facebook games, and most of us know how those turned out.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Prototype2Publisher: WAMPUM

Since becoming enthralled with the variety of modern board games, I have been inspired in many different ways to create games of my own. Sometimes the first spark comes from an experience or fun activity, and I wonder how the fun could be relived and reproduced for others through a set of game components. At other times, it’s a particular challenge – like climbing a mountain – that gives me a sense of satisfaction for having accomplished something I had never done before. Sometimes I want to take a good game mechanic further, and other times I want to make it more accessible.

Most often, however, it is a theme that grabs me, and I will hunt for years until I find the right mechanics that fit. The inspiration for my upcoming card game, Wampum, however, was something entirely different…

Prototype2Print-n-Play: TUG OF WAR

I mentioned in the design notes to Alea Iacta Est that it all started out with a challenge I gave to Bernd to enter a contest for 2-player dice games. I also posted my original game here, titled Castles & Crowns, which was later developed further into Alea Iacta Est. I always thought that Bernd's answer to my challenge was a great little game as well, and for some time, I have wanted to make it available for others to enjoy. It's a very simple and elegant game that can be played with a few materials you already have. We tried it at the end our game night again last night, and I highly recommend it! -Jeff