Saturday, November 3, 2012

2012 After-Essen Party highlights

Michael and I hosting our 6th annual party in the Spielwiese.

José tries to survive in the City of Horror.

Chuck, Fabian and 2 others turn the gears of Tzolkin, the Mayan Calendar.

Sophia, Manuel, Reiner und Michael build their own suburbs in Suburbia.

Rolf looks over the new Essen games.

Michael gets to play Smash Up with Luisa, Tobias, and another guest.

Mariano and Veronica of What's Your Game? explain one of their new releases, Oddville.

Thorsten Gimmler from publisher Schmidt Spiele breaks open the new version of McMulti.

Wiebke, Johann, and others battle it out to be crowned King of Tokyo (I was part of this game, too, but was knocked out after only a couple of rounds).

The Spielwiese was packed to capacity.

A close-up of the Essen games table.

The semi-final of the annual Paper-Rock-Scissors tournament between Wiebke and Michael.

Michael wins the other What's Your Game? release, Asgard, from the prize table.

Another winner took a copy of AEG's Love Letter.
The pressure builds for Juma in Schmidt Spiele's Bumm Bumm Ballon.

The agony of defeat--the balloon pops.

Two games of Oddville simultaneously on the same table.

Wiebke and friends lining up the Qwirkle Cubes.

A Fist Full of Penguins hitting Luisa's table.

Toby, Michael and Manuel play another game of King of Tokyo with the new Power Up expansion.

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