Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pala available in Europe!

Being a small publisher, Cambridge Games Factory could only offer me 50 copies of the game as royalties for the first printing of Pala.  After giving away 10 copies to my playtesters, friend Bernd Eisenstein agreed to sell the remaining copies through his Irongames online shop.

The games cost 11 Euro each, and all proceeds (minus the Paypal fee) for this sale go to the designer.  If  you enjoy trick-taking games and are looking for something new in the genre, I can heartily recommend the game. "Thank you for your support!"

Here are some of the things that people have been saying about Pala:

“It’s very clever, but the options opened up mean that you will need a few test hands in order to adjust your normal card-playing instincts.  - Stuart Dagger, Counter Magazine

“Great trick taking game with a very unique and engaging thematic rule.” Rating: 9.5 of a possible 10 - Ted Alspach, game designer, head of Bezier Games publishing and creator of the Board2Pieces comic strip.

“Changing the color of a trick while it's in play is fun.” - Jeremiah Lee, designer of Zombie in My Pocket

“An innovative trick taking game that combines trick taking with the color palette. Very cool; very fun. Relatively easy to pick up the rules, and as with many trick taking games, somewhat difficult to master.” - Eric Foldenauer, BoardgameGeek.com

“Excellent excellent game -- I feared it would be a bland trick-taking game, but it didn't feel that way at all. The way that the colors mix is fantastic, and I really like the mix of two game modes.” - Clint Herron, BoardgameGeek.com

"When played, Pala demonstrates a positive deviation from traditional trick-taking games (Im Test zeigte sich Pala dann zwar positiv abweichend vom traditionellen Stichspiel).” - Bernhard Tischler, Spieletest.at

“Pala is an innovative trick-taking card game. It is thematically consistent, fun and offers a new side to trick-taking games. (Pala ist ein innovatives Stichkartenspiel. Es ist thematisch stimmig, macht Spaß und bietet eine neue Seite des Stichkartenspieles).” - Peer Sylvester, Spielbar.de

“The two games are similar, but play completely differently. As independent games, they are just as interesting and exciting as other card game – certainly worth a purchase (Die beiden Spiele sind sich zwar ähnlich, spielen sich aber dennoch völlig unterschiedlich. Als selbständige Spiele sind sie aber genauso interessant und spannend wie manch anderes Kartenspiel – eine Anschaffung lohnt sicherlich).” - Michael Janßen,Roachware.blogspot.de

In addition, you can see a quick demo of the game at the Origins Game Fair on Youtube. The demo of Pala begins at the 18:30 minute mark.

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