Sunday, November 6, 2011

Finding my Game Titles in Unexpected Places

My sons were at their very first "sleep-over" at a friend's house last night, and my wife and I took advantage of a babysitter-free night to hit the town.  We headed over to the west side Charlottenburg Palace to take in a Baroque concert, but first we stopped by a popular brewery across from the palace for dinner.  The brewery had changed owners since I was last here, and I was surprised to see the same word game that was used for the title of one of my board games, Eine Frage der Ähre.  Normally, the saying is "Eine Frage der Ehre" which means "a question of honor," whereas Ähre is pronounced the same way but means "ears of wheat or corn."  It fit my farming game perfectly, and it seems to be a good marketing slogan for a brewery as well.  Perhaps I can re-theme the game and sell it through the brewery?

 The banners outside the brewery

A short while ago, I also noticed a photo in one of Berlin's largest newspapers, the Berliner Morgenpost. Since my game, Aber bitte mit Sahne, was named after a famous German song, it's no surprise that other media would also use this reference.  I have to admit, the real cakes look even more delicious than the illustrated pieces of the game!

"High end, or how it is at mother's house--ten tips for coffee and cake"

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