Saturday, August 20, 2011

Prototype2Publisher: SINGAPORE

I met Peer Sylvester in 2005 and travelled to my first Game Designer's Convention in Göttingen with him that year.  Since then, we've both had our games published, and I've had the pleasure to playtest many of his ideas.  One of them, Singapore, is scheduled for release in Essen this October.  Although he brought the prototype once to the Spielwiese cafe when I was there, that night we happened to be playing on separate tables and I did not have the opportunity to play it.  Pity!  The prototype looked interesting, however, and the rules sound even more intriguing.  I'm looking forward to playing it soon.

In the meantime, Peer has posted a Designer Diary about the making of the game on Boardgame Geek News, and editor W. Eric Martin has even added a summary of the gameplay.

Photo of the box cover courtesy White Goblin Games.

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