A "photo-wall" of those who have joined us at the Spielwiese over the years to playtest our prototypes. It is a collaborative effort and every playtester has made a contribution to our published games. This is one way of saying, "Thank-you!"

Jan Mirko Lüder

Marie Sophie Charvin, originally from the French Alps.

Michael Schmitt, Spielwiese owner

Alfred Zudse

José Campaña Lewis, originally from Columbia.

Kerstin Willms

Rainer Welsch

Stephanie Kollmann

Dietmar Stadler from Heilbrunn

Seth Davis, originally from Boston, studying in Trondheim, Norway

Julius Jacobsen

Mariano Iannelli from Italian publisher What's Your Game?

Tobias Wehrum

Benjamin Kutzner

Daniel Shultz, originally from California

Reinhold Müller

Carsten Schünemann

Jürgen Kerber, owner of the Spielwerkstatt Kerber in Berlin.

Markku Jaatinen, from Finnland